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About Our Brand


AL-AMIN JEWELLERS is a gold jewelry brand established in Bangladesh. Since 2000 it’s providing the best and luxurious gold jewelry ornaments with unique designs all over the world-wide customers.

We are one of the oldest business families in Bangladesh with a family legacy of over a century in business, starting from as early as 2000.

We have always believed that the customer needs to be educated and aware, as this is the first step in preventing malpractices in business. As a part of this philosophy, we have conducted several campaigns over the years, to educate customers about purity, pricing, and other aspects. These efforts of our company have gone a long way in the industry, which is now becoming more transparent towards the customer’s interests. We believe that this is our legacy to the industry.

At AL-AMIN JEWELLERS, we take great pride in offering an unparalleled retail experience that takes into consideration our every customer’s unique gold needs and preferences. Our trained servicemen have extensive knowledge about the gold jewelry they showcase and strive to deliver excellence, consistently.

What we are offering?

What you will get from AL-AMIN JEWELLERS


We are specialized in Gold Jewellery products like gold chain, gold necklace, gold ring, bangles, etc. Our competitive advantage lies in everyone’s understanding of local preferences and providing local flavors to jewellery designs. The exclusive showrooms of the AL – AMIN JEWELLERS are strategically established at premium locations close to the targeted customers in all the cities in Bangladesh.consistently.

AL – AMIN JEWELLERS is one of the most familiar jewelry businesses in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are proudly working in the Bangladeshi Jewelry industry for the last 21 years and have become a leading Jewellery Shop in Dhaka city. Because of the high-quality products, innovative design, world-class collections, trustworthiness, and excellent customer support is the key point of our successful journey in the gold jewellery business.

Every day People from all walks of life are collecting their desired gold jewellery from Al Amin Jewellers.

Get everyday gold price today 2021 from AL AMIN JEWELLERS in real time.

Our Collection:

Al Amin is the best gold shop in Bangladesh for the latest collections. Here you get international standard jewelries for male, female, as well as for babies. So, we can make sure you all kinds of jewelry products from us.

AL AMIN JEWELLERS provide top and trendy gold earrings with price in bangladesh online. You can get 7 days replacement terms and condition when you are purchasing online.

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Why we are best?

Background of Us


AL-AMIN JEWELLERS presents the most extensive and latest collections of Gold Jewellery in Bangladesh, and our customers have the preference to choose as per their need. We also provide the following options for our valued customers:

Customize Ornaments:

Ornament customization is one of our best services of Al Amin Jewellers. We can customize your one ornament into another. If you have old gold jewellery and like to customize the ornaments for the latest model, then Al Amain Jewellers will be the best choice rather than any other gold shop in Bangladesh. In Al Amin Jewellers, we have a specialist team for ornament customizations.

Custom Design:

We prefer to give our customers to get their gold jewelry according to their choice. So, you should show us your favorite design that is why our expert designers make the same design for you. We are only one jewellery shop in Dhaka that can able to create any complex custom design in your gold ornaments. Just show us your design and your projected budget. We will satisfy you with our extraordinary creativity express delivery.

Old Gold Cleaning:

Al Amin Jewellery is also offering you periodic cleaning for all kinds of your ornaments. Suppose you notice that your gold becomes very dark and losses, then shine just come to us without any hesitation. Our experts will clean your gold and get back the gloss as like as a new one.

Repair and Fixing:

Ornament repairing is one of the most popular services of us. We fix and repair old Jewelry ornaments very carefully with good finishing. Our repairing service is so much excellent that you can’t explore the fault area again. In one sentence, we make that like a new one.


Gold Protection:

Gold protection is very crucial in Gold Jewellery Business. Most of the renowned brands as Apon Jewelers, Amin Jewelers ensure Gold Protection. And Al-Amin Jewelers is not different from them. We guarantee you about the gold protection.

Accurate Pricing:

People love Al-Amin Jewellers for accurate pricing. We try to keep our trust that why we take an update of the market price of jewellery price in Bangladesh every day. And we fix our gold price according to the market. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about accurate pricing.

Buy Gold from The Customers:

We have the easy option to buy gold jewelry from our customers. It is very easy because anyone can sell their gold pieces of jewelry to us. We buy only jewelry from our customers. We don’t collect any illegal gold. So if you want to buy your gold ornaments to us, then you should show us a valid invoice. Al Amin Jewellers ensure the best price when buying gold from customers that no one can offer you.

Bangladesh Jewellery Shop Online:

Al Amin Jewellers is the pioneer in online Jewellery Shop in Bangladesh because we have started first. You can buy any kind of jewelry item from our website. Also, you are allowed to make a custom order for your desired ornaments. On our website, you can get updates about the latest price by clicking on the gold price page today from the menu bar. Actually, we have all the modern features in our online jewelry shop.

Why Do You Choose Us?

It is a very common question that why do you choose Al-Amin Jewellers from others? Are there any specialties? Yes, we have many specialties and unique features; these are the secret of our business. Our customers love to buy gold ornaments from us due to the following features:

  • International Quality
  • Super Grade
  • Competitive Price
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Comfortable and Light Condition Refund Policy
  • Order Cancellation Policy
  • Digital Platform
  • Latest Design and Modern Collections

The above feature makes us the best to our customers consequently, every day we are getting huge order from new customers recommended by the old. And Al-Amin Jewellers has become popular to the peoples of all over our country. Moreover, we are getting popularity beyond the borders. That is a very outstanding achievement for us.

We always strive to be very transparent with all of the dealings, the aim is to provide the best online gold jewellery shop experience to the customers. All our Jewellery are certified with the best of the Gold Test Laboratory in the world.

We are in the gold industry since 2000. See About Us Page for further information