Q1. What is the price of Gold Today?

Q2. What is the opening time of your branches?

All of our branches are open from 10.30 AM to 8.30 P.M ( Except Wednesday for Uttara,Dhaka)

Q3. Can I sell gold jewellery?

Yes, You can sell gold jewellery, Visit our branches for more information

Q4. Do you buy gold from the customers?

We purchase gold from the customers. We only accept gold ornaments if it has a valid invoice.

Q5. gold plated jewellery ki pawa jai ?

Sorry, gold plated jewellery is not available.

Q6. Do you sell silver gold jewellery?

Sorry, we don’t sell any silver gold jewellery.

Q7. Do you have small gold bar?

No, We don’t have a small/big gold bar.

Q8. Kivabe sell korbo?

Please visit our branches or call our helpline

Q9. Do you have EMI system?

Yes, EMI is available from City Bank, Mutual Trust Bank and United Commercial Bank

Q10. Do you sell on installments?

No, We don’t sell on installments. But you can purchase with EMI 3/6/12 month

Q11. Do you have Bangles collection with 21 carat gold with 1 vori weight?

Yes, we have. Check our bangles collection

Q12. 5 hajar tk er moddhe women gold finger ring hobe?

জি হবে. আপনি আমাদের ওয়েবসাইট এ চেক করুন।

Q13. Do you have loket like word?

Yes, We have in our ring collection

Q14. Pricing in Us dollar?

Sorry, Right now, we are only providing gold jewellery in Bangladesh now.

Q15. Design diye bracelet order korte chaile price koto hobe?

It totally depends on your ornaments design. Kindly Contact our support team

Q16. 2 Vori Chain 24 Carat?

24 Carat is not available in Bangladesh due to govt rules.

Q17. Do you ship gold jewellery to India?

Sorry, we don’t ship to india.

Q18. Do you accept cash on delivery?

No, In gold jewellery, it’s not allowed to send gold ornaments cash on delivery. Either you have to pay full advance payment or visit our branches.

Q19. VAT Refund at airport for Foreigner?

Sorry, Bangladesh Government still now not providing any VAT return on gold at Airport.

Q20. আমার ডিজাইন অনুযায়ী কি পন্য দিতে পারেন?

Yes, Most of the cases we can give you same design ornaments, Before proceeding you have to show us the design and get confirmation from our employees / authorised team.

Q21. Do you have anklets?

Sorry, no.

Q22. Do you have shipping system?

Sorry, no. You have to take ornaments from our branches after when it is ready for delivery.

Q23. Online order dile delivery kivabe delivery diben???

If you order ornaments below 25000, our delivery service providers will deliver the ornaments to you. If you order above 25000 taka you have to pickup the ornaments from our shop after getting an confirmation from our Sales Team.

Q24. Which branch Has more collection ?

All of our branches have the largest jewelry collection. Visit to see

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